West Linn Remembers ... and

We Honor Those Who Serve Us Today

The 2011 ceremony culminated with
the ringing of the NYPD 5-5-5-5
"missing man" fireman's code and a
wreath toss from a TVF&R
Station #59
rescue boat.

9/11 Honoring Those Who Serve ...

Wednesday 9/11/2013 6pm at the Willamette Park boat ramp

Please join us for a brief time of quiet honor, reflection, and remembrance in honor of the nearly 3,000 innocent people from over 70 countries who lost their lives on 9/11, the first responders at the three crash sites, the nearly 7,000 lost in the ensuing wars on terror, and to honor all our current first responders & soldiers who continue to bravely serve us every day.

The Percin family of West Linn, who lost their son John Percin Jr. in the Prescott AZ Hot Shot fire incident in June of 2013, will be our special guests.

We are extending a special invitation to soldiers, veterans, and the Forest Service Hot Shots to join us this year –  we want to honor all who put themselves in harm's way for us.

Bring a flower to throw into the river. Fire engines, Police, and Sheriff vehicles will be on display afterwards for the kids.

Scroll down to see a video of the 2011 tenth anniversary remembrance.

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West Linn Tidings 2013

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Community 9/11 Yellow Ribbon Project

West A Street over I-205 (by the High School) ... starting Saturday 9/7 at 8am

In 2011 over 3,000 ribbons were tied on
both sides of the "A" Street bridge over
I-205 by dozens of West Linn residents.

We're decorating the West A Street bridge where it crosses I-205 with yellow ribbons in honor of those who served & died on on 9/11, our current first responders, & our all of our troops.

Tens of thousands of cars drive under these bridges every day. Let them know you remember and that you care!

Please stop by anytime the week of 9/11 and tie a yellow ribbon on the fence. Bring your family, and remember as you tie 1, 10, 100, or more ribbons.

Help you children to be touched by recent history and to learn to honor & respect those who serve them today.

Ribbons will be supplied.

If you wish to help us remove the ribbons that will happen Saturday 9/14 at 9am.

2011 10th Anniversary Remembrance Highlights ...

Senator Ron Wyden chose West Linn as one of his two featured events to visit on the 10th anniversary of 9/11/01. Click below to see the event video.
22 minutes long - the intro song you see with photos was played to the attendees to start the ceremony